Life along Hanoi’s railway

The rail lines from Hanoi and Long Bien stations to other northern provinces built by the French during the early 20th century have now blended into many residential areas.

People are still continuing their daily lives despite the trains passing on their door steps along Phung Hung Street. Some houses have their back doors looking onto the railway.

There are no safety barriers in these areas. The residents are used to the trains and have memorised the time tables and keep their ears out for the sound of the train horn. The number of trains during the day is also fewer than during the night so their daily activities are minimally affected.

The railway going to Long Bien Station above busy Gam Cau Street

Many restaurants for workers are open along the railway on Phung Hung Street

To some people, the railway offers advantages of space

People use wood planks to drive vehicles across the railway

A section on Phung Hung Street becomes a shared living space in the morning and afternoon

The railway above a residential area on Gam Cau

Long Bien and Hanoi stations are both located near the city’s centre

The distance between the Tran Quang Khai Street and Long Bien Bridge is about 3 metres


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